It all started at Macy’s Bridgewater, NJ in the cosmetics department. Kyle and I met working together as managers. I currently am the Manager for Estee Lauder and he is the Manager for MAC. We always worked the same schedules and he always wanted to hang out with me after work. I kept blowing him off not saying that I was either too tired or just had other plans. He always wanted to kill me!! Long story short;we both made plans to go out together on a Friday night and he told me ” Omg I’m going to do your makeup”. After he “GLAMMEDDDD” me up I couldn’t believe the talent this guy had. He literally brought out my best features! For the FIRST TIME EVER someone did my makeup and didn’t make me look like a clown. I immediately fell in love with his work. I kept telling him that he going forward was my make up artist and we need to collaborate together to create different makeup looks.

After about three looks, Beauty Breakdown was born.





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