What does it mean to truly love yourself ?

You see sometimes we all get caught up with love . We all crave it, we all want someone to tell us how important we are to them; and how much they mean to us. Truth is we are put in this world to love, unfortunately some of us don’t know how to accept or show love. We think that showing others love will make them love us. WRONG!

You have to be able to love yourself first before you are able to love others. I always used to ask myself “but how do we show others that we do love ourselves ?”

Put yourself first , do what makes you happy , don’t rely on other people for your happiness. Today I learned that I loved myself so much that I no longer needed people to make me happy . It was my 24th birthday. What did I do ? I went shopping got myself a beautiful outfit and took myself out to dinner. After I took myself to dinner the following day I went out to Roosevelt Park. I never felt  so relaxed and in peace with myself. I enjoyed the fresh air and felt blessed to have made it another year in this world.

Everyone kept asking me “You went to dinner alone ? On your birthday ?” My answer was “YES!”I did and I absolutely enjoyed my own company. I am not afraid to go out to places alone, I am not afraid to go book a flight travel alone, I am comfortable in my own skin .

Until you learn how to be one hundred percent alone you will not be able to love others. Just because others don’t know how to recieve your love it doesn’t mean that you are “seeking attention, or looking for love”. I don’t understand why is it so wrong to want to show the world love. Do you believe in love?  I definitely believe in love. I know love exists and I know it does because I lOVE MYSELF. I get up get dressed look at myself in the mirror take my selfies and tell myself “god damn Janibell you are one beautiful young woman.” I even give myself kisses in the mirror. Yes! Might sound concieded much but no is just that I LOVE Me! The hard part is teaching others how to love themselves so we can all share it with one another.

When you learn how to love yourself you become selfless and you offer the world what you are able to offer yourself. If someone isn’t able to accept your love don’t worry, the problem is not you it’s them. If they truly loved themselves they wouldn’t reject the love that you are giving to them. Remember when you love yourself you are able to do both; give and recieve love.






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