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I have always loved to decorate the home with the perfect colors, furniture, and home accents. Every time my family and friends move to a new apartment or buy a new home they always contact me for some inspiration ideas; or to decorate their homes for them. I have decided to actually showcase some of my previous interior design work that I have done for my previous apartments and for friends and family.

I was 21 when I when I first moved to my first apartment. It was the end of my sophomore year in college and  I converted a little studio basement into a nice cozy home. I kept getting a lot of great feedback from my friends and family. From the outside; it didn’t quite look nice but when they went inside they actually told me how they felt very welcomed and cozy.

At the time, I was living with  a boyfriend and I knew I had to be careful with the colors I choose. When living with a male you do not want the apartment to look too feminine. I know men really don’t care about what the apartment looks like; however having your apartment nicely furnished and great interior design definitely plays a huge role in your life believe it or not. Also, who wouldn’t want to receive compliments about how well put together your home is when visitors come over?

For the entire apartment, I decided to go with a gray color palette for the walls.  Gray is a perfect neutral color that can be mixed with any accent colors to make it pop.

For the mini living room area, I the dark charcoal gray color for the accent wall with a lighter shade of gray for the rest of the walls. Purple was the accent color that I used to make the living room pop.

Inspiration Used For Living Room

Living Room At My First Apartment


For the bedroom, I wanted to have something that was again unisex. I wanted the walls to remain neutral but have an accent wall that will make everything pop. For the accent wall, I used wallpaper. The wallpaper was so easy to put on and it definitely made a big difference to the room. For the accent color of the bedroom, I choose mustard. I felt that mustard was a little feminine but then I added blue which made it a bit more unisex.

Inspirations Used for the Bedroom

Bedroom At My First Apartment



Everyone was surprised to see how I actually converted my first tiny apartment into a cute cozy one. This was when I realized that I actually love and enjoy doing interior design. After this, my family started calling me to help them decorate their homes.

Stay tuned to see what my current apartment looks like and also to see how I decorated my family homes.



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