Mother’s Day

I know what you are probably thinking. “Oh god here we go again another depressing post or something depressing about her mother” lol. WRONG! This one is actually nowhere near that.

Well maybe yes, I do tend to get very sad when Mother’s Day approaches. I mean it is normal for a motherless daughter to get like that. Every year I prepare myself for this big day because it’s another reminder that my mother is not around. Seeing everyone post pictures of their moms, and having a blast with their moms it can get a little touchy. I’m not saying that it was easy for me because it wasn’t. However this year my cousins invited me to go wine tasting with my Godparents. I was first a little skeptical about it because not only are my God Parents a little “old school”, but THEY DONT DRINK!. (well in front of us they don’t). Regardless, I was like “WHY NOT”?

We went to two different wine tasting places. The first winery that we went to was Crime Ridge Winery in New Egypt, New Jersey.

crwinery_400x400cream-ridge-0022march-2013-735We had just made it on time to get an actual full experience of the tasting. At the beginning, I did not think that I was going to like the experience due to the fact that the weather was not really cooperating with us. It was raining but I knew that we only had about 30-40 minutes before they close.  However, within those 30 minutes, we got so wasted. By the time we got to our 6th tasting Barbara ( my godmother) started pouring the wines she did not like into our glasses. Little did she know that you cannot mix wines. She just kept being very sneaky with it. Overall the experience was amazing and i would definitely go back to this winery. I think hitting this winery first is the best option if you want to have an all day thing in New Egypt.

Our next stop was Laurita’s Winery also located in New Egypt, New Jersey.




This place was so beautiful. The service was great and just the location was breath-taking! If you have not yet experienced wine tasting I definitely recommend you to check out this winery. When we arrived we had a little bit more time to actually enjoy ourselves. My favorite type of wine is Red Wine! I absolutely love Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Many people get married at this location because it is just absolutely gorgeous.



I overall had a blast. This year I was not sitting by the cemetery crying my eyes out because of my mother not being here, but I got to get wasted and experience seeing my God Parents get out of their comfort zone and actually do something different with their 25+ years of marriage. We all got wasted and by the time we left everyone was fighting about who was sober enough to be able to drive us to the restaurant (I still don’t remember who drove us to the restaurant).

Mother’s Day was a win for everyone. If your mom is not here for whatever reason I definitely suggest you to tell your friends to take their mom wine tasting trust me everyone gets drunk and at the end is just laughter. GOOD TIMES!


   Take a look at my VLOG of the day Below.



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