Do you believe in love at first sight ? Have you ever met someone and just like that you just get the chills . Sort of kind of like the feeling you get when you watch the ending of the movie The Notebook. I think is amazing how you can meet a person and just have such a strong connection with them with out even knowing them. But how do you really know if it’s not just you that is feeling this way ? How can you really detect if that person actually feels what you feel ? Sometimes we get blinded with lust and forget the standards that we set for ourselves all because we want that person. But one thing I have learned is that you shouldn’t sell yourself short. If a person is showing you all those red flags at the beginning they are showing you who they really are. We tend to out talk ourselves because we “feel something so deeply” and think “but maybe” . If a person is showing you that they don’t care you have to really just walk away. 

 I know it sounds corny but actions really do speak louder than words. I understand life happens and sometimes you can meet the right person and it might not be the right time ; but I truly believe that when a person is into you they will do anything in their power to make sure they get to at least speak to you everyday. You see men are naturally hunters for what they want . As a woman if he’s not making time for you , if he’s not asking to see you or just hear your voice , or not seeking for your love and attention Im sorry sweetheart he’s just not into you. The same things go for men , women are born to be a nurturer. We want to make sure you are fed , want to make sure you are satisfied as a man by giving you affection attention , and yes blowing up up your phone can be one of the ways too. If she’s not blowing up your phone she is not into you. Trust me the same way a guy can blow a girl off a girl can do the same thing and even worse. She’s going to friendzone you. Then, she will make you feel like you are one day going to have a chance with her (which  will never happen) and the next thing you know you just become her gay best friend talking  about the different size of penises.

Other words she will blow you off completely ! Every woman loves to give their man attention and wants attention from them . However, what I’m trying to say is you shouldn’t wait around or waste your time on somebody that isn’t giving you what you ultimately deserve. While you are stressing the person who is not giving you attention you could be missing out on the opportunity to meet the right one. I’m not saying to go out there and search for it because you just have to let things flow naturally. But what I am saying is you shouldn’t be stuck on someone who doesn’t want or respect you .

 I know it’s easier said than done ; but life is too short. We are everyday growing older and wouldn’t it really be nice to have someone by your side? Where you don’t have to play games and actually want the same things out of life? I believe in love , I know sometimes love can hurt you, I know that love is patient. Just always remember ; to love doesn’t mean to make an ass or a fool out of yourself . Love doesn’t mean that you have to accept someone that is only willing to half love you. You deserve someone who is going to want you just as equally or more as you want them. You deserve someone who is going to accept you for who you are and is going to love all of your flaws the same way they are going to love you. Love isn’t perfect but love is effortless. It’s not that difficult to love. Don’t be stuck on stupid and don’t sit around to wait for nobody. 


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